Mission Statement

compassRoseTo maintain the utmost level of integrity, honesty and professionalism exceeding expectations in all relationships and to convey construction services in a fair and equitable manner, ensuring our success through relationships with like-minded partners providing repeat and referral opportunities.

We are often asked where the name Meridian Development & Construction Services came from or how it was chosen.

The definition of meridian was the beginning.

ME-RID-IAN   n.  (arch) point at which sun or star attains highest altitude; (fig.) prime, full splendor; highest point or period of highest development or perfection; culmination;  
2.   a. Of noon; (fig). Of the period of greatest splendor, vigor, etc.

When anything is possible …

People are said to reach a meridian in their lives  –  a time at which their powers and prowess are at their apex. A time at which anything is possible, and all the objects of desire are suddenly within reach. It is a height hard-won, and deeply satisfying. A height from which one can see into the light of things.