Facility Maintenance Management

Meridian Development and Construction Services has many years of experience in Facility Maintenance Management.  We have managed and maintained the facilities of our affiliated properties since 2003.

Facility Maintenance pulls the business owner and operator’s focus away from their priorities of running the business, serving their patients/clients/customers and forces them to focus on the maintenance issues of their offices, shops and buildings.  In a given week, month, year, a single facility encounters a broad range of facility maintenance issues. By allowing Meridian Development to assist with your facility maintenance management, you or your designated employee makes one service request and Meridian handles the details.

Meridian Development has a comprehensive network of pre-qualified vendors ready to respond to your facility maintenance needs.  Meridian Development’s facility maintenance creates efficiencies and guarantees savings for our clients.

Other Facility Maintenance Management Services include:

  • Weekly-Monthly Evaluation of Facilities
  • Review of Existing Vendor Contracts
  • Evaluation of Existing Services
  • RFP for services
  • Prompt response to Service issues